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Farmer bedding a Gestation pen.
When eating fruit, remember who planted the tree; when drinking water, remember who dug the well. -Vietnamese Proverb  

Hybrid European Design

In order to develop a practical and humane barn design that suits the medium sized farms of America, Truebridge toured farms and equipment companies around the world, looking for the most progressive and elegant solutions that would work in the U.S.

For over two decades, American agriculture has been focused on scalable business systems and models that generated cheap, consistent food.

Pigs in Free Access Stalls   Four pregnant sows sleeping in a nest.
Free Access Stalls   Custom Built Nests
A sow and her piglets looking up at a farmer, entering their farrowing pen.   Farmers bedding a growing pig pen.
Combi Farrowing Pen   Deep Bedded Pens

Meanwhile, Northern Europeans, in particular, focused on developing farm designs that promote animal and worker comfort. Truebridge adopted many of their brightest ideas, choosing design solutions that were well-suited to American agriculture.

Because every farm has its own unique architecture, Truebridge develops personalized remodel plans for each one. Then, custom-built equipment is shipped from Europe and Asia, and from across North America, to outfit the interiors. Although the redesigned, retrofitted barns each have their own distinctive character, they share the critical design features made their European role models function so well.

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