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Farmer adding bedding to Growing Pig pen

Family Farms

As is the case when raising crops without pesticides and herbicides, raising animals naturally requires extra attention, experience, and work. It is not enough to have the right ideas - you need the right farmers.

  Midsized Farms   Community   Sustainable   Multiple Generations

Barn Design

The demand for healthy, humanely raised meat consistently outpaces the number of farms that have the facilities and know-how to honestly meet these standards.

  Hybrid-European Barns   Consistent Supply   Utilizing Existing Barns    
    Large Pens   Habitat Layout   Tracking Animals   Climate

Pig Life

Pigs have their own unique nature and way of life. Raising pigs right means adapting both habitat and husbandry to fit them perfectly. It makes the pigs happier, healthier, and more fun to be around.

  Breeding   Gestation   Farrowing   Growing Pig

Slaughter & Fabrication

After all the work that goes into raising the perfect pig, the process should be finished equally well. The pig's life must be ended well and careful work done to ensure its meat retains both its wholesomeness and quality.

  Beyond the Farm   Transport   Slaughter   Fabrication
    Cuts of Pork            

Product Attributes

Food labels are full of answers if you can speak their language. Here are the attributes of Truebridge products, explained, and the reasons why we choose to focus on them.

  Genetics   Antibiotic-Free   No Growth Promotants   Vegetarian Diets
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