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A movement sheet, providing details for a load of market hogs.


When the growing pigs are around 270 pounds, they are ready to be sold to market. The farmer carefully selects a group of 160-180 pigs that are all about the same size to make the trip. Pig selection is important because if one or two pigs on the truck are smaller than the others, they are more likely to get hurt or unduly stressed. It's also important because when you go to the store to buy a package of pork chops, you expect them to be a certain size, and for all cuts to match each other.

A truck and trailer backs up to the barn and the farmer inspects it to make sure it's clean, bedded, and has the right amount of ventilation for the weather. Then the farm staff gently herd the pigs onto the trailer. Because the pigs are in an unfamiliar situation, it's important that everyone who interacts with them understands pig behavior and how to encourage them to go where needed without making them anxious. Truebridge uses its own staff to handle the pigs whenever possible, and carefully vets any outside contractors. Because of their easy-going genetic temperament and because they've never been exposed to ractopamine, Truebridge pigs are less excitable and easier to work with then conventionally grown pigs.

The pigs ride to a small plant situated near the farms where the pigs have been raised. Special forms are filled out to record all the details of the trip and whether anything unusual happened. The industry standard is for pigs to arrive at the processing plant at least 2 hours before they are slaughtered. Truebridge pigs usually arrive the night before, giving them around half a day or so to rehydrate, empty their bowels, and de-stress in clean bedded stalls. The rest time ensures they have time to get back to normal. Not only is this more humane for the animals, but it reduces the chance that their meat quality will be affected by stress prior to slaughter.

We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. -Immanual Kant
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